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N°11 – 1 – #Taiz – Listen to his voice @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

In the name of Allah, I’m from AlRawdah neighborhood. This neighborhood is under attack night and day. We can’t sleep at all while we are being shelled indiscriminately but even with that we will continue to uphold our great peaceful youthful revolution and we still hope that the International Community and the world will stand by our Youth Revolution and support us.

@voicesfromyemen would like to thank all of the participants of this project for their courage in speaking out. This is a true testimony to the power of the voice.

All participants are aware of the danger, and may ask to un-publish their contribution at anytime.

For security reasons we do not include the name in the title of the blog post.



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