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Voicesfromyemen in the press

In the press – @f_inter @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen via @Gallouk

France Inter Radio 8am news, on Yemen and how Yemeni’s are getting their voices heard by Yann Gallic.

voicesfromyemen is the name of this website online since only 2 weeks. One can already find quite a few eyewitness accounts, video and audio, accounts which can be very moving, such as Afnan, 13 years old, whose father was killed in the middle of the night by a grad strike. Today Afnan cries out in anger against the president Ali Abullah Saleh and his faithful army.

“You are without pity, you have no heart. Shame on you. You even terrorize women and children. But all this fear only makes us stronger to fight your brutality and your tyranny. We shall all be martyred one after the other – even if we all have to die.”

Originally from Sana’a, Samir has been living in France for ten years. He regrets the laxiste stance against the regime from the International Community. he thinks that the United Nations should implement sanctions against Saleh and the regime.

“In Yemen, the situation strongly resembles what was happening in Libya – there are many deaths, the regime uses its army to repress the people, but, on an international level the response is not the same, simply because there is very little petrol in Yemen and the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, sold this revolution to the media as a local crisis”

After 9 months of protests, and bloody crackdowns, the revolutionaries are waiting for one thing only : that is is for president Saleh to step down.









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