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Yemen Youth Voices – Listen to their voices @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

Video created by Yemeni youth groups in Sanaa. This video talks about the situation in Yemen before the revolution, why we protested for all of this period of time. Also this video shows the crimes of the corrupted and dictatorial regime during the revolution. this video contains a message to the world about what they … Continue reading

N°20 – Osama from #Taiz – Listen to his voice @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

Osama, 20 years old – a call to the International Community to support the Yemeni revolution and under no circumstances grant immunity to President Saleh. We are calling on the United Nations to listen to the people’s demands.

In the press – @f_inter @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen via @Gallouk

France Inter Radio 8am news, on Yemen and how Yemeni’s are getting their voices heard by Yann Gallic. voicesfromyemen is the name of this website online since only 2 weeks. One can already find quite a few eyewitness accounts, video and audio, accounts which can be very moving, such as Afnan, 13 years old, whose … Continue reading

N°15 – Yemeni Girl – Listen to her voice @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

I am not talking to the Heads of State – I want to reach you guys – people of the world – anyone who stands for human rights…. I want to get this message to you. We are not terrorists. We are just young people who want our rights.

N°19 – 8 – #Taiz – Listen to his voice @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

A. from Taiz : message to the world we wish a peaceful revolution and to the forces of the regime & the person who control it to force him to step down if he don’t listen to us they know what we have and we can act as soon as possible  to create his fate … Continue reading

N°18 – 7 – #Taiz – Listen to his voice @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

In the name of Allah. I’m a student from Taiz and I came out on this protest with the engineering students to break the silence and fear – to show the rotten regime that the students, people of Yemen, men, women and children will determinedly rid Yemen of you peacefully.

N°17 – 6 – #Taiz – Listen to his voice @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

I am a student. We want those students that have been silent, to break their silence in honour of the martyrs.

N°16 – 5 – #Taiz – Listen to his voice @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

I am a student from Taiz University. We will persevere and continue to keep our revolution peaceful until all demands of the youth of the revolution are met.

Women in the protests – listen to their voice: @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

April 2011 — Yemeni women bravely protest in the streets with their fathers and brothers and sons, despite the attempts of President Saleh to misuse the principles of Islam as a prohibition against Muslim women “mixing” with men in public. Muslim women are among the BRAVE HEROES of Yemen like Tawakul Karman, Nobel Prize Winner … Continue reading

N°14 – 4 – #Taiz – Listen to his voice @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

I’m a student in Taiz University. From the GCC, UN we desire that they try to understand what’s happening in Yemen and make a firm stand like they have with Syria because the people of Yemen cry everyday because people are being killed everyday because of your silence. Stand with the people because they are the ones … Continue reading

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