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Yemen Youth Voices – Listen to their voices @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

Video created by Yemeni youth groups in Sanaa. This video talks about the situation in Yemen before the revolution, why we protested for all of this period of time. Also this video shows the crimes of the corrupted and dictatorial regime during the revolution. this video contains a message to the world about what they … Continue reading

Women in the protests – listen to their voice: @voicesfromyemen project // مشروع اصوات اليمن #Yemen

April 2011 — Yemeni women bravely protest in the streets with their fathers and brothers and sons, despite the attempts of President Saleh to misuse the principles of Islam as a prohibition against Muslim women “mixing” with men in public. Muslim women are among the BRAVE HEROES of Yemen like Tawakul Karman, Nobel Prize Winner … Continue reading

#SupportYemen Campaign Video

Join the #SupportYemen group on Facebook Founded 2011 About #SupportYemen Campaign Description Yemen’s revolution has been ongoing for more than 7 months. Yemenis have been marching peacefully, demanding a legitimate and human right, freedom, democracy, justice and the fall of a corrupt regime and family rule of 33 years. This page is part of a … Continue reading

Record your message – اضغط هنا ثم اعثر على الزر الأخضر وأضغط للتسجيل


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