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To send us your video message, please record it first with your mobile phone, webcam or any other device. This not supposed to be a Hollywood production. Just people, human beings like all over the world. Just a sincere message of what you would like to say.

Please tell us a little about you. Your name (or alias), city and much more if you like. Explain how you see the next months in Yemen. What you would like the international community to see, hear and do. If you do not wish to be identified, flim away from your face, and keep talking. Explain briefly why you can’t speak freely.

Please keep the videos to less than 3 minutes. Please keep a calm tone, so that your message is better understood. Make sure there is enough lighting and not too much wobble.  Once recorded, download your video file to a computer.

You now have 3 choices:

1. Upload it on Youtube.com or Vimeo.com and send us the link (URL) via this contact sheet.

2. You can also send the FILE to: unsanctions4saleh@gmail.com

3. For heavy files request a DROPBOX.COM invitation.


Go to Audioboo voicesfromyemen channel.

Look for the green record button at the bottom of the page. Click and follow the instructions. Start recording. (Please see below for the instructions in images)


Begin your message with a brief introduction of who you are and what you stand for. Then, say: “Message to the world: I am a voice from Yemen … I would like………………(this is the part where you state your demands from the international community)

Once recorded, please fill ou the box “title” of your recording with your name or alias. Fill out the box “tags” with : voicesfromyemen, Yemen

Keep the messages to under 3 minutes. Tell us a little about you, your age your dreams, your fight. This is the moment to tell or ask the international community to act. please specify what you want them to do. Again, please speak clearly and calmly. Your name is not required, but you can use an alias if you like.



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Record your message – اضغط هنا ثم اعثر على الزر الأخضر وأضغط للتسجيل


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